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Tim Andrews

Founder and Managing Director

Tim Andrews is the founder of Stretch Learning, an organisation dedicated to bridging the communication gap between deliverer and receiver. Tim has been involved in Adult Learning for the past 20 years, using engaging techniques from a variety of sources. He founded Stretch Learning on learning principles he put into practice to gain his Bachelors Degree. Tim's unique approach to learning stems from what he calls a 'learning difference' in the way he absorbs and presents information.  

Contact Tim on: tim.andrews@stretchlearning.com
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Paul Zonneveld

Licensed Partner

Paul has over 20 years business experience in areas including sales, business development and training. As a coach and facilitator of human change processes and positive attitude changes, Paul commits to a transformation process which enables communicators to obtain greater co-operation from their receivers and therefore greater effectiveness.

Contact Paul on: paul.zonneveld@stretchlearning.com


Jenny Shepherd


Jenny works with key clients designing and delivering engaging programmes, and coaching future deliverers. Jenny began her career at Mars, working there for 11 years before supporting Stretch Learning. She has over 10 years experience in training and development, and her main contributions have been the design and roll out of global programmes for Sales, Finance and Commercial sectors.

Contact Jenny on: jenny.shepherd@stretchlearning.com