Tim Andrews

Tim is the founder of Stretch Learning, an organisation dedicated to bridging the communication gap between deliverer and receiver. He is a keynote speaker on Learning and Engagement.

Tim's unique approach to learning stems from what he calls a 'learning difference' in the way he absorbs and presents information.

His key strength is examining (and experiencing) the gap between the delivery of knowledge and the learning itself. As a result, he has come to be known as a 'professional learner', delivering workshops and inspirational sessions throughout the world.

He is author of the book: Where's your spotlight?© How to enhance learning for others (ISBN No. 0-9548694-0-0), which is described as:
"Packed with original tips and ideas to make learning and communicating a breeze! A must read for speakers, trainers, presenters and facilitators"
Mark McKergow, author of The Solutions Focus

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