Learning Template

Our learning template is designed to help you to help you deliver more effective learning experiences, training programmes, meetings, team workshops and teaching sessions.

Entering information of your learning session into the colour coded areas will enable you to see the "big picture".

Are your learners involved enough?

Are you delivering too much information in too little time?

How to use the Learning Template

Download the template in PDF format (26KB) and print out.

If you have a colour printer you will see three shaded areas and a time band. 

Write in the yellow tinted area your learning delivery such as delivery of content, instructions and information. 

Write in the pink tinted area the process of how your learners will receive the information and how they will get involved (reading, group work, reflective session etc.). 

Write in the blue tinted area the learning resources needed for this particular piece of learning. 

Work out your timings and enter them in the time band

There is a better way...