Learn more about music for your learning events

Would you like to use music that has purpose?

Have you ever asked yourself any of these questions:

What music should I use?

How do I know what music to play?

When should I play the music?

Where do I find the music?

What is the purpose for playing music?


We at Stretch Learning have been asked these questions... time and time again!

We have especially created for YOU ...

Music to Enhance Learning©

This CD has been composed and specifically engineered to enhance any learning event: meetings, team briefings, training events, etc.

You will be relieved from carrying around wallets of CDs, looking for discs during your learning events and hoping the music fits your learners' purpose.

Everything you need is here on one CD...


Click anywhere on the CD cover to access the list of 14 tracks from thinking music, baroque, movement and salsa.

A guide to what tracks to play, when to play it and the purpose for playing it...

To order you CD at £20.00 each (+ postage & packaging or download) please email orders@stretchlearning.com

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There is a better way...